Semi-automatic baler baler maintenance management

Semi-automatic baler maintenance management

1. The baler must be placed on a stable operating table. It should not be used in high humidity, dusty and vibrating environments, and the power plug should be in good contact.

2, when taking the items should be handled gently, when the fuse is broken, it must be lightly pulled to avoid damage to the heating parts.

3, pay attention to keep clean, the machine should be cleaned immediately when there is dirt, weekly thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the machine should be carried out regularly, the power should be disconnected during cleaning, so that the bracket, roller, no vacancies in the machine, no deposits .

4. It is strictly forbidden to directly wash the body with water to avoid damage.

5. When not in use for a while, the heating plate should be turned off to cut the wire switch to avoid shortening the life of the machine due to long-term heating.

6. If it is not used for a long time, the power plug should be pulled out; when it is found that the machine has parts falling off or missing, it should be reported to the development department or the maintenance department in time.

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