Shanghai Geyang Packaging Research and Development Manual Free-Buckle Steel Belt Baler

The manual buckle-free steel strapping machine utilizes the bite of the upper and lower cutters of the machine to make the two ends of the steel strip inlaid to meet the bundling requirements, and is suitable for the flat or vertical bundling of various packages, and has the advantages of light weight, simple operation and strong binding force. Easy to carry, especially without the need for iron buckles, no gas, electricity and other energy, can be used in a variety of occasions and environments, the machine is not only suitable for the bundling of ordinary packages, especially for large packages, heavy-duty packages, etc. Unusable packages can be used freely, not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane, which is an ideal strapping device.

Technical Parameters:

Applicable material: steel belt, conventional load 850 N/mm2

Steel strip thickness: 0.38-0.58mm

Steel strip width: 12.7-19mm

Locking method: Free button type (Yin and Yang snap)

Connection strength: 80%

Product weight: 3.9 kg

Dimensions: 387 × 162 × 308mm

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