KZ-32/19 combined pneumatic steel strappingMachine technical parametersBundling material: steel stripUse air pressure: 0.35~0.6 MpaUse steel strip specifications: (19~25~32)x(0.8~1.2)mmSteel belt tensioning speed: 5.3m/minTension: ≥9.8kn/0.6mpa  Tension strength of the lock part: ≥18.4KNMachine weight: 15kg

CMV-19/25 pneumatic steel strapping machineTechnical Parameters:Suitable for belt type: PP, PET belt universalSealing tape form: friction heat weldingApplicable bandwidth: 19-25 mmApplicable tape thickness: 0.5 -1.2 mmBonding strength: 75%Tightening force: 3000-4800NApplicable air pressure: 0.6 MPaMachine weight: 3.8KgDimensions: 280 × 160 × 180 mmApplicable industryWidely used in chemical, metal products, aluminum, steel, wood, wooden box packaging, paper, chemical fiber, cotton spinning and other industries

KZL-40 pneumatic tensioner parameters:Strap material: steel beltUse air pressure: 0.4~0.6MpaUse steel strip specifications: (32~40) × (0.8 ~ 1.5) mmSteel belt tensioning speed: 5.3m/minTension: ≥11000NMachine weight: 5kg

Electric baler

SKL-32/19 tensionerTechnical Parameters:Strap material: steel beltUse steel strip specifications: (19-32) X (0.8-1.2) mmMachine weight: 4KGSKS-32/19 manual lock machineTechnical ParametersLock form: single tooth lockUse steel strip specifications: (19-32) X (0.8-1.2) mmMachine weight: 3KG

PET manual baler

PET pneumatic welding machine

PET pneumatic baler