T-200 portable electric balerTechnical Parameters:Machine weight: 3.5KGTightening method: button type friction weldingBattery: two batteries per machineCharge once to play: 200-300 strapsWidth: 12-16mm (adjustable)Suitable for PP, PET tape thickness:PP: 0.4-1.0mmPET: 0.5-1.0mmTightening method: automatic tighteningTightening force: 2500NCharging time: 60-120 minutes

GD-16/19 portable electric balerTechnical Parameters:Machine weight: 3.9KG (with battery)Machine size: 140X140X360mmTightening force: 1500-2000NPacking material: PP/PETPacking belt width: 16-19mmPacking tape thickness: 0.5-1.0mmWelding method: friction hot meltPower: BOSCH battery 14.4V/2.6Ah/Brushless motor, original imported bearings and imported accessories

Z322/Z323 portable electric balerModel: GZ323Width: 13-19mmThickness: 0.4-1.35Pulling force: 3000NTool size: 335 × 165 × 135mmWeight: 4.5kgBattery: NiMH batterySealing method: friction fusion

ORT-260 portable electric balerModel: ORT-260Brand: ORGPACKOrigin: SwitzerlandWeight: 3.8kg with batteryMode: Auto / Semi-Auto / ManualLock: friction bondingPulling force: ≥ 80% of the strength of the strap body (depending on the quality of the strap)Tightening: Standard: 900-2500N Soft: 400-1360NSpecifications: width (9-16) mm thick (0.5-1.0) mmStrip: PP belt / PET packaging tapeSize: 370*141*135mm

GT-ONE electric balerTechnical ParametersBrand: Italian SIATBaler type: friction hot meltPacking strap type: PP strapping, PET plastic strapping, polyester strappingOperating plane: * small 120 mmOperating circumferential surface: * small diameter 700 mmApplicable bandwidth: 10 - 16 mmApplicable tape thickness: 0.5 - 1.1 mm*Large tension: 2750 N‘soft’ mode: 500 N*Large tensioning speed: 15 m/minBattery type: 3.0 Ah-14.4 V Li-ion lithium batteryWeight: 3.2 kg (including battery 3.7 kg)Origin: Italy importedStandard configuration: 1 electric 1 charge

POWER HP 16-19 electric balerBrand: Italy SIATModel: POWER HP 16-19Technical ParametersPacking belt type PP/PET plastic beltBelt width 16 - 19 mmBelt thickness 0.8 - 1.3mmWelding strength 95% of the belt's own strength, (depending on the belt)Tightening force 4500 NBattery 14.4 Vdc - 3.0 Ah Li-ionJapan's original Makita Makita lithium battery, can be charged at any time, no memory effect

P328 Italian portable electric balerBrand: FROMMMachine weight: 3.95kgTension: 2400NPulling speed: 190mm/sFusion method: friction fusion, fusion strength 75% (depending on the quality of the packaging tape)Packaging material: Polypropylene (PP) polyester (PET)Packing tape width: 10-16mmPacking tape thickness: 0.5-1.05mmBattery: 18v-3.0A/h (Lithium battery)Battery charging time: 45 minutes